Friday, January 31, 2014

Halibel Fanart

    This illustration is fan art that I did of a character named Tier Harribel (also known as Halibel) from the anime and manga series Bleach. She is a villain in the series and apart of the toughest antagonist group in the series the"Arrancar".
     One of the first illustrations I colored with photoshop, the third if I remember correctly. Big Barda portrait was first, Fran's portrait was second and Harribel was third. The file on my computer says I colored it in 8/2009. This illustration is one of my favorites. I'm glad I pulled it out of the old vault. Ahhh... good times.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big Barda Portait

This is an old school illustration I did of Big Barda. The file date says May 2009 but I think I drew this earlier than that. Big Barda is a comic book heroine that was created by late great Jack Kirby. She has been in DC comic books forever now and probably is most well known for her stories which team her up with Superman & her Hubby Miracleman. This image is a "throwback" to my anime style I used to use a lot back in the day. I guess we will be seeing this style for the next couple of post.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fran Fan Art

       This is a portrait of a character named Fran from Final Fantasy XII. She is an all around bad ass amazon, pilot, air pirate and a weapons specialist. In the fantasy setting of the video game she stars in she stands out above the rest of the cast, literally she is super tall. Fran is my favorite Final Fanatsy character to date followed closely by Lightning & the rest of the cast from Final Fantasy XIII.

       According to my file info on my Mac the sketch file says I scanned it in 4/26/2009 & the psd file says I started coloring this in 8/11/2009. So I finished drawing this illustration April 2009 & I colored it in August 2009. No school like the old school.

The King's Gallery

I have been super busy working on my original comic book and I am not quite ready to post the new art work just yet. So I figure now is a good time to start posting some of my older illustrations. I use to have a deviant art account but I deleted that web page along time ago and I never did repost my artwork until now. I believe I used to call myself the Dream King & then the Dream Emperor... Uughk! Creating your own original comic book from scratch is really time consuming so while I continue to work on new illustrations I will post some of my older stuff for you all to enjoy.