Friday, January 13, 2017

Sugar Love... Coming Soon

I took a long hiatus from blogging about my artwork in order to finish my own original comic book. At last my graphic novel is finished and I will be selling it soon. I can't wait to introduce all of my crazy characters to all of you. I get really excited just thinking about it.

This comic book is about Sugar Love and her space amazon friends. Sugar Love and her mentor, Madam Hard Candy, have been sent to promote Honey on the planet Veria. But when a group of space bandits arrive the amazons must fight for their lives. In this adventure Sugar Love must battle against the oppression of darkness and study the origins of the Solar Love Amazons.
This is a story about amazons that fight tentacle monsters in outer space. Laser guns, super powers and booty. Lots and lots of booty. Discover the true meaning of the word “sexy” in this awesome science fiction graphic novel.
This graphic novel has 48 pages of story, plus pinup art and extras bring it up to 56 pages all together. I'm hoping to release the graphic novel in late January 2017 but stay tuned to find out the release date of Sugar Love's Galaxy Guide.