Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fatality Fest Wrap Up

       I got back form West Palm Beach a week ago and finally got a moment to post this image today. My day job has been working me like a dog because one of my coworkers is on vacation. The image is a collage of my artwork that I used as my sign for "Fatality Fest" the West Palm Beach Horror convention.
       For those of you who are wondering how it went the answer is= We pretty much got rained out. (And thats bad because most of the convention was inside) I guess tropical storm Andrea sent a band of bad weather to Palm Beach County so on the first day of the convention I'm driving in the pouring rain and I here the local radio station telling people not leave their homes unless they have to. So Friday and Saturday terrible weather and the people who showed up basically went to the celebrity events and then left. Sunday the weather was better but the turnout was just as bad. So thank you tropical storm Andrew for spending the weekend with me.

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