Friday, July 1, 2011

The Battle was not Lost...

One of my plans for becoming a full time illustrator was to at least place one of the top 25 monsters in a Rift art contest. Unfortunately I did not place at all. Its okay though I've learned a lot through out this ordeal, such as: I noticed that most of the winners had multiple entries which increases your odds of winning. Also all of the winners had either a painterly style or a realistic style, the style I used was more of a comic book, marker coloring style. But Im not giving up I believe that the battle is not lost because I'll use what I have learned to win the next contest. Which also coincides with the image I entered for the contest, the amazons are fighting a tough battle but all is not lost they can rescue their mermaid deity and kill the giant crab monster. Oh and congratulations to everyone who placed top 25.

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