Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Advice

     Things have been really stressful at my job lately (because its the busy season). And when I get stressed out its difficult to draw and create art. Its one of the main reasons that I want to just do artwork full time for a living. So went through a slump of not drawing anything for awhile. Finally I talked to my oldest brother and he told me that before  Jim Lee was a professional comic book artist he drew artwork everyday as if he were doing it for a living. Hearing this has inspired me to go back to one of my old principles and that is to draw everyday. I'm glad my brother gave me that advice, it helped me brake the anxiety spell that I was under.
     So I've been getting back into the groove of drawing everyday and the image above is of the superhero team that I created. I've redesigned them and tweaked them a little. I even have a new name for there group. But you will have to stay tuned to find out the new name, I'll reveal that later.

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