Friday, September 28, 2012

Drawing Class Jam

During my hiatus I have been trying to become a better artist. It dawned on me that I should take a college level drawing class. I've taken art classes before but I haven't been in a drawing class since highschool. My graphic design art classes all involved drawing but not in a basic how to draw properly perspective, they were from the point of you should know how to do basic drawing (and of course I thought I did). I started taking my current drawing class in August and on the first day of class I learned one of the biggest drawing mistakes that I was making. I always would draw flat on the surface of a desk or table. But when drawing you should draw with your artwork tilted up or verticle. This one piece of advice was worth going to the art class. I can't wait to show off my new and improved work.
The images on the this post are from the artclass that I am taking. One being the still life and the other being my line drawing of the still life. Alright heres to progress! This drawing class is going to help me realize my full potential. Its exciting just thinking about it.

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