Sunday, September 23, 2012

To be Extraordinary!

(Above is an image of Hot Toy's Baby Doll from the Sucker Punch movie. One of my favorite Toys)

      Okay I find it strange that I go on hiatus for a few months and I feel perfectly fine. Then the week that I return from my hiatus I fall extremely ill (I caught a bad cold). I went on hiatus to improve on my drawing abilities and to rest from stress. I considered my hiatus to be necessary and I am glad that I did it but I believe that it was not moving me forward. I find that posting blogs, creating artwork and collecting items, I find that to be progressive I believe that is the force that moves me forward. I guess my point is is that as soon as I decide to continue to pursue my dreams, it seems as if life jumps out of its way to stop me or slow me down. I find it strange that it just so happens that I got sick as soon as I started moving forward with my goals and dreams.
      Maybe life does try to hold us back from realizing our full potential. Maybe that is life's way of separating  successful people from average people. Maybe its lifes way of separating extraordinary people from successful people. Maybe I'm being to sensitive and the whole thing is just a strange coincidence. Maybe I am still feeling the after effects of the sinus medication that I'm taking. Either way I desire to be successful. I desire to be extraordinary. I desire to create art full time for a living and I will not let anything stop me.
       I am pressing on through hell and high water, through thick and thin, through giant robots and angry dragons. I refuse to be ordinary! I am pressing on to be extraordinary!

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