Friday, April 18, 2014

Red She-Hulk Short Fanart

    Alright Finally! Let me just say I would have posted this a lot sooner if it wasn't for life getting in the way lol. Okay on to it then... I drew these fan art illustrations back in March 2011, on bristol board paper with a mechanical pencil. But I never colored them in photoshop back then. So since I've been posting all of my old artwork to the blog I figure now would be a good time to color these images. So I colored it April 2014, in photoshop.
    These short comics are inspired by the pages of Marvel Comics HULK vol.2 #16 --> The plan was to do two pages of comic book art that was inspired by a current comic book so that I could personally judge myself in terms of page art. I think the test worked pretty well I was happy with the pencil line art so I never got around to coloring it.
     I will post the raw images soon. "Raw" as in no word bubbles just the artwork. So stay tuned.

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