Saturday, April 5, 2014

Venom Cola

    I created this short comic back in January 2010. She-Hulk is one of my favorite comic book characters and this is a short fan art comic of her. I remember I made the Pin-up of She-Hulk in the Venom outfit first, then after that I thought it would be cool to create a mini comic to go along with it. I only made two pages of this comic and I don't plan on making any more. However I do plan on doing more She-Hulk fan art in the future. I am working on a comic book that is way sexier than this one is that features my own original characters.

  I drew these illustrations on 11x17 bristol board paper with mechanical pencils. Then I scanned the image onto my iMac where I colored it with Photoshop. The last step is to do the lettering in Adobe Illustrator. The process is pretty fun, I enjoy creating art its relaxing and the end result is cool to look at when your done.

  Next up I will be posting Red She-Hulk short comic. Also I will post the raw illustrations of this short comic, Venom Cola, with no word bubbles.

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